Francisco Louzada



Main Areas of Interest

  1. Analytics, Big Data, Data Science, Statistical Machine  Learning, Statistical Inference, Survival/Reliability Analysis

Main Professional Activities

  1. 2011- Full Professor at Universidade de São Paulo (USP), Institute of Mathematical Science and Computing

  2. 1999- CNPq Research Productivity Fellow, Level 1B

  3. 2015- Director of the Center for Mathematics and Statistics Applied to Industry (CeMEAI)

  4. 2013- Director of Technology Transfer and Executive Director of External Relations of the  Center for Research, Innovation and Dissemination of Mathematical Science in Industry (CEPID-CeMEAI)

Editorial Service

Editor in Chief

  1. 2014- Brazilian Journal of Probability and Statistics (ABE/IMS)


  1. 2016- Sankhya A (Springer)

Editorial Advisory Board

  1. 2014- Journal of Applied Statistics (Taylor & Francis)

  2. 2006- Revista Brasileira de Biometria (UNESP)

Associate Editor

  1. 2015- Communications in Statistics - three series

  2. 2013- Quality Tech. & Quantitative Management (QTQM) (Taylor & Francis)

  3. 2012- Journal of Statistical and Econometric Methods (Scienpress)

  4. 2012- Revista Brasileira de Estatística (IBGE/ABE)

Book Editorial Board

  1. 2014- SpringerBriefs in Statistics - BSA (Springer)

  2. 2004- Fisher Project of Statistical Books (Blucher)

Community Service

  1. 2016-2018- President of the Brazilian Statistical Association

  2. 2016-2018- Member of the Board of Directors of the Latin American Regional Section of the International Association for Statistical Computing (LARS-IASC)

  3. 2015- Member of the Indicators Study Group on Higher Education (GEIES-INEP)

  4. 2008-2016- Member of the Internal Committee for Assessment of the Federal University of São Carlos

  5. 2012-2014- Secretary of the Brazilian Chapter of the International Society for Bayesian Analysis

  6. 2012-2014- President of the Brazilian Statistical Association

  7. 2011-2016- Member of the University Council of the Federal University of São Carlos


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Av. Trabalhador Saocarlense, 400

13.566-590, São Carlos, SP

Tel. +55 16 3373 6614

Cel. +55 16 9786 3979



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“Statistics is the grammar of Science”  (J.Tukey)

“The difficulty lies not so much in developing new ideas as in escaping from old ones.”

(John Maynard Keynes)

“Where there is will there is way.

Where there is patience, there is education.

Where there is love, there is kindness.

Learning from my kids!”



-12-16/11/2017, Data Analytics 2017,


-29/09/2017-Round Table, IMEEC, UNICAMP,


-30/07-05/08/2017, 31 Colóquio Matemática,

  Rio de Janeiro

-16-21/07/2017, ISI WSC 2017, Marrakech

-09-14/07/2016, 3td Study Group, São Carlos

-03/07/07/2017, CAPES, Brasília

-25/06/2016, Banca Titular, UFF, Niterói

-07-10/06/2015, V COBAL, México

-30/05/2017, Semana Estatística, UFPA, Belém

  do Pará

-29/05/2017, Semana Estatística, UNB, Brasíia

-26/05/2017, Seminários Coisas Legais, ICMC, 

  São Carlos

-15-17/05/2017, Pint of Science, São Carlos

-02-05/05/2017, VI Congreso de Matemática

  Aplicada, Comodoro Rivadavia

-27/04/2017-Forum ITTS - Transito Seguro -


-12/04/2017-Meeting ICMC-DataScience

-11/04/2017-LABET-Motoristas-Rio de Janeiro

-03/2017. XV EMR, Goiânia

-09-11/03/2017, 2nd LACSC, Valparaiso, Chile

-19-22/12/2016,10th ICSA International

  Conference, Shanghai

-30/11, 01-02/12/2016, 3rd WAR

-07-09/11/2016- BIN@SP2016, São Paulo

-19-21/10/2016- 5o Encontro Baiano de

  Estatística, Salvador

-02-06/10/2016-CLAIO, Santiago, Chile

-29-30/09/2016, XIV Encontro Mineiro de

  Estatística, Alfenas

-19/09/2016, Open Class, São Carlos

-05-09/09/2016-36a CNMAC, Gramado

-24-29/07/2016, 22nd SINAPE, Porto Alegre

-22-24/07/2016-LACSC, Gramado

-11-15/07/2016-2ndStudyGroup, São Carlos

-13/06/2016-Conference, São Carlos

-01-03/06/2016-SEst 2016. São Carlos

-23-25/05/2016, 61a RBRAS, Salvador

-20/05/2016- AFA (Awards for Caio Louzada), Pirassununga

-19/05/2016, Meeting PIPGEs, São Carlos

-12/05/2016, Club de Descoberta, São Carlos

-05-07/05/2016, International Workshop on

  Industrial Mathematics, Campinas

-03/05/2016, Meeting at IME, São Paulo

-02/05/2016, Visit Faber-Castell, São Carlos

-27/04/2016, Conference, São Carlos

-18-20/04/2016, ERMAC, Bauru

-15/04/2016, ABE, São Paulo

-30/03/2016, Wokshop EMRAPA, São Carlos

-28/03/2016, SIGERES, Matão, SP

-22-23/03/2016, Workshop FAPESP, SP

-21-24/03/2016, Lectureship, IME-USP, SP

-22-26/02/2016, XIII EBEB, Belo Horizonte,


16/02/2016, Workshop em Reconhecimento  

  de Padrões Automação de Investimentos

  Financeiros, São Carlos, Brazil

-01-03/02/2016, 4th WPSM, São Carlos,


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Other Professional Activities

  1. 2012- Coordinator of the Center for Risk Analysis (CER) ICMC-USP branch

  2. 2013- Deputy Director for Graduate Studies in Statistics, Inter-institutional Program USP/UFSCar

  3. 2014- Member of the Coordinating Committee of the Professional Master Degree Program in Mathematics, Statistics and Computing Applied to Industry (CCP-MECAI)

  4. 2014-2020- Member of the Directing Council of the Brazilian Statistical Association

I am a Professor of Statistics in the Institute of Mathematical Science and Computing at the University of São Paulo (USP) in Brazil, and Director of Technology Transfer of the Center for Research, Innovation and Dissemination of Mathematical Science in Industry.

I am PhD in Statistics from University of Oxford (1998), Master in Computer Science and Computational Mathematics from USP (1991) and Bachelor of Statistics from UFSCar (1988).

If you need, please don't hesitate to contact me.

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