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Sporting Talent

A system that seeks new talent of football through statistical tests with the intention of supplementing the current method.

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Statistical Methods

The system has several advanced statistical analyzes, such as: Strategy Z-CELAFISCS, Principal Component Analysis, Linear Regression, Copulas, etc.

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Field Tests

Field tests that evaluate the performance of athletes considering several variables, so it is possible to select the most suitable to the soccer.

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Online Analysis

An online method of analysis that allows access to the performance of athletes with graphics and illustrative figures for a bigger and better interpretation of the results.


An online statistical tool directed to assist in sports development and specifically applied to the monitoring of athletes from any sport, which may have their performance overall compared to any other individual of the same modality and also registered in the system. This system is able to perform continuous monitoring of technical and physical aspects necessary to a specific sports practice and to identify individuals who possess aspects "above average", that is, athletes who statistically highlight the population of ordinary practitioners your mode.